The play programme is constructed around the aims and goals of Te Whariki.

For learning and development to occur, your child’s new experience must be matched to their level of development.


Our programme is known as an “Indoor - Outdoor” programme because children are free to move between the indoor and the outdoors during morning and afternoon activities.

Teachers also include periods of time when they work with individual children or small groups of children.


Children are also able, during any part of the day, to have their own “quiet” time by themselves - sit and read or sleep, or
perhaps do a puzzle.


How do we provide educational experiences for the children?


We build knowledge on your child’s interests.  Teachers talk, observe and explore with your child their interests. From this the teacher and child starts a learning adventure based on the interest.  The teacher uses a variety of medium to learn – this can include visits outside the Centre for the older children.  The learning is then documented in your child’s portfolio.


We recognise the need to prepare your children for school. Part of this preparation involves taking a group of 4 year olds to a local school on a regular basis to participate in some activities with the ‘new entrant class’. This familiarises the children with the larger school premises (even if they will go to a different school) and gives our children a chance to do some art/craft work and have morning tea with the school children.


We take a group of 4 year olds for swimming sessions on Tuesdays. This builds water confidence and is suitable for all abilities.


On Tuesdays we have a lunchbox day where eating from lunchboxes is practiced. This helps to give our children the skills required to eat from lunchboxes every day at school.